Victoria Sponge Mini Heart Cakes


Valentine's Victoria Sponge Mini Heart Cakes I have a thing about cream cakes. They're a huge weakness of mine, like Kryptonite to Superman, but instead of dying, they make you happy. Well, that is until you realise you ate one too many and have to bust out the fatty pants (jogging bottoms)! But who cares? I mean, fatty pants are more comfy than regular ones, right? I 'like' my fatty pants. Take Victoria Sponge Cake for example, so light and fluffy and perfect for Valentine's. I just had to make them pink and into mini heart shaped little treats of love. They also make the perfect … [Read more...]

Victoria Sponge Cake


Victoria Sponge Cake Guess who's birthday it is? No, not mine but someone very close to my heart… yes, the giant man-baby. Aka. my partner, Daniel. I'm normally very organised when it comes to birthdays, I normally have a budget where I save X amount of money per month so I know I'll have enough. I also usually buy the card and present(s) anywhere from a few months in advance to 2 weeks in advance, this year being the exception. I'm having another flare-up with my arthritis and it's in my hands so driving is currently out of the question which means having the giant man-baby with me while … [Read more...]

Monster High Skull Birthday Cake


Monster High Skull Birthday Cake It was my daughters 9th birthday on April 21st. She's really into Monster High and I knew she'd freak if I made her a Monster High 'skull' design birthday cake. So that's what I did! :) In a panic trying to make this Monster High cake as best as it could be I made some mistakes, some so dumb you'll be laughing along with me… I started off making some royal icing run outs for matching Monster High cookies using an acetate sheet. I was trying to use the skull for the Monster High skull logo as a reference and printed off that image to my specified size of 3 … [Read more...]

Spring Blossom Buttercream Sponge Cake


Spring Blossom Buttercream Sponge Cake So… the award for "the worlds worst decorated cake" goes to…. Me! Since I'm going to show everything created on this blog, here's my so-called Spring Blossom cake. Everything went smoothly until decorating time. The buttercream even went relatively well (considering that I've only applied buttercream as an outer frosting to two cakes in my 30 years of existence). Everything went completely pear shaped when I made the blossoms and thereafter. I used a blossom plunger cutter, perfect. My rolled fondant (sugarpaste), not so perfect. It cracked a hella … [Read more...]

Chocolate Butter Cake w/Buttercream Icing


Chocolate Butter Cake with Chocolate Buttercream This Chocolate Butter Cake is definitely chocolatey (is that even a word?) This definitely went down a storm in my house - kids and adults alike! This cake is rich, indulgent and moist too. The chocolate buttercream was like velvet on my tongue. You cannot see in the photo (above) but I frosted the entire cake (top and sides) with the rich chocolate buttercream frosting. It definitely added to the taste and texture. If you want even more texture, just grate or shave some dark chocolate on the top and sides of the cake. Or perhaps white … [Read more...]

Traditional Christmas Cake Part II


See Traditional Christmas Cake Part I, for the recipe, details, before decorating photo and other blurbs.Traditional Christmas Cake Part III'm late on this, late to post it. I've been uber busy, let's just say. I've been baking a few times. I made standard cupcakes, blueberry muffins, and some other cupcakes that I have yet to post, possibly tomorrow. Things just haven't gone our way lately. My car (which is less than 2 yrs old) broke down and it didn't just break down, it broke down in diva style! Insert key > turn > car throws huge hissy fit and shook so much the entire vehicle just vibrated … [Read more...]

Traditional Christmas Cake Part I


(Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake with Brandy)Traditional Christmas FruitcakeI'm gonna break this puppy into two posts. First, and in this post is the recipe, the cooking of the Christmas traditional Fruit cake. The second post will of course be the decorating of the cake.This recipe is compliments of Be-Ro. I decided to make this cake as it brings back sentimental memories for me *drifts off in happy daydream with head in hands looking at the sky* "ahhhhhhhhh" :)Basically, from ever since I can remember in the last 11,158 days I've been alive (but who's counting, right?!) My mums mum, also … [Read more...]

Black Forest Gâteau


Black Forest GâteauOK, so this turned out to be a disaster! Oh well, you live and learn. As you can see from the photo, it just looks like a complete pile of sh*te! But it still tasted good. I followed the recipe but I think I lost a lot of air in the mixture after folding in the fluffy egg whites. I've not seen a recipe for chocolate cake which doesn't include any butter in the mixture. The next time I make it, I might try it a different way to the recipe I used. I may just use my usual denser sponge mix adding the chocolate into it so that it rises since that was the issue really. Oh and my … [Read more...]