Italian Meringue Valentine’s Heart Macarons


Italian Meringue Valentine's Heart Macarons I'm guest posting my Italian Meringue Valentine's Heart Macarons on The Frugal Girls today. Because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I bring you Italian meringue macarons. I thought I’d intensify the lurrvvee and make them heart shaped and pastel pink because everyone knows things taste better when they’re a novelty shape and colour. You with me girls? So bust out that Barry White CD (or MP3 if you’ve modernised yourself!), light those candles that have been under the sink gathering dust for a year and wow your … [Read more...]

Vanilla Macarons


Vanilla Macarons Or Vanilla Macaroons, if you prefer? I prefer to say macarons since macaroons can be confused with a different dessert. Hello, English Coconut Macaroons anyone? This is my very first time ever making macarons so I thought I'd stick to being safe and go for vanilla macarons and next time get more creative since I hear that macarons are notoriously hard to make (maybe why I've been putting off making them, shh!) I also wanted to do some colours too but I thought I'd stick to making 4 colours as I wasn't sure of how it'd all turn out. I really had fun making these and they … [Read more...]