Italian Meringue Valentine’s Heart Macarons


Italian Meringue Valentine's Heart Macarons I'm guest posting my Italian Meringue Valentine's Heart Macarons on The Frugal Girls today. Because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I bring you Italian meringue macarons. I thought I’d intensify the lurrvvee and make them heart shaped and pastel pink because everyone knows things taste better when they’re a novelty shape and colour. You with me girls? So bust out that Barry White CD (or MP3 if you’ve modernised yourself!), light those candles that have been under the sink gathering dust for a year and wow your … [Read more...]

Meringue Kisses


Meringue Kisses Isn't snoring annoying? The giant man-baby snores… a lot! When bedtime rolls around it's kind of a race, a race on who can get to sleep the fastest! If I'm not asleep before him, I know I've got an agonising night of listening to his builder-esq snaffling all night until I finally get to sleep out of sheer exhaustion. Apparently I snore too but I have yet to see or hear the evidence. In fact, the giant man-baby thinks it's OK to snore because he's a man. :? I've been trying to capture his nighttime antics. It's not working, he has a weird snore. He'll snore for minutes … [Read more...]