Online Shopping and Why I Love mySupermarket

As a mobility disabled Mum of three hectic, hyperactive and quite frankly insane children, Christmas is very much a hard time for me, especially grocery shopping. I’m not a wheelchair user… yet, so therefore I walk and slowly. My illness is considered an ‘invisible illness’ meaning, to look at me, I don’t look ill.

And wow, aren’t people in such a huge rush around the holidays? Power walking their way around the grocery stores with their trollies and their foul, non Christmas spirited moods. The amount of times I’ve been bumped, nudged, and sighed at making my way around a grocery store at *my* pace is incredible! I know I’m not the only one too. Let’s speak up and unite. ;)

That’s why I chose the stress free route that is online grocery shopping.
And instead of going to the retailers website directly, I decided to shop on My Supermarket.

mySupermarket Online Grocery Shopping

What is mySupermarket?

My Supermarket is a grocery shopping comparison tool which aims to help you save more money, not to spend more! My Supermarket includes all the main grocery store chains such as Sainbury’s, ASDA (UK’s Walmart), TESCO, Waitrose, and Ocado, as well as some other retailers like Superdrug, Boots, and even Majestic range of fine wines. You can even click on the grocery stores logo to start shopping in that store and if you see your trolley is less in a different store you click on their store logo instead and your filled trolley switches stores with you. I like how they lay out all the offers so clearly as well, it’s so easy to see the top offers for whichever supermarket. I also love the fact that when I search for a specific product, the results tell you immediately which supermarket sells that product at the best price. After you’ve added all your items and are happy with the final trolley, you book your delivery slot and follow the checkout instructions. After everything is confirmed your trolley gets transferred to your chosen supermarket for payment.


And during the holiday period the different supermarkets always have different offers on. It would be impossible to get around to viewing each offer on the grocery stores’ websites. Not to mention exhausting with 3 trailing children pointing at everything (like human windmills) stating they want ‘that’ and ‘that’.. ‘oh, and that too!’ With My Supermarket, it takes just click of the mouse to see all Christmas related top offers from all the grocery stores.

Home delivery really helped ease the pressure of Christmas shopping but with the price comparison between all the different grocery stores too, My Supermarket is an ingenious online tool to help you save more this Christmas and beyond.

How will you grocery shop this Christmas?

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    I’m glad there’s something available that makes it so much easier for you to shop:) Our local grocery store will actually deliver groceries to your home for a small fee, though I have never done it. I Do like to do Christmas shopping on the internet! I always think how it would be so perfect for the elderly to shop on the internet, but most of them don’t know how to use the computer:(
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  2. says

    Yes, Online Grocery Shopping is growing these days. Its very nice idea to shop online from online grocery stores without going anywhere. Online shopping is very good to save money and time.