Raspberry Yogurt Parfait

Raspberry Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Raspberry Yogurt Parfait Recipe

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Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 0 mins

Yield: as many as you’d like

Why not try a raspberry yogurt parfait for a no bake, healthy, 3 ingredient treat? And all this in under 5 minutes flat. Yes please!


  • Low fat natural yogurt
  • Fresh or frozen raspberries
  • Raspberry conserve


  1. Optional: Turn the glass upside down and wet the rim equally and dip into plain or coloured sugar. I didn’t do this step but wished I had after.
  2. If using a wine glass, place 1 raspberry at the bottom. Or, for flat bottomed glasses, jars, etc. place enough raspberries to cover the bottom. Spoon enough natural yogurt into the bottom to cover the raspberry/raspberries to create a layer.
  3. Using 2 separate bowls, spoon out an equal amount of natural yoghurt into each. Add some natural conserve to both. I used approx. 5 level dessert spoons of natural yogurt and approx. 2 semi-heaped spoons of raspberry conserve to my taste. In one bowl, mix both the conserve and yogurt together until completely combined. In the other bowl marble the yogurt slightly (it will marble more when spooning anyway).
  4. Spoon out the mixed yogurt on top of the natural yogurt to make alternating layers of mixed and unmixed ensuring that when you nearly reach the top, the last layer is unmixed natural yogurt.
  5. For the top layer, spoon the marbled yogurt until approx ½cm from the rim.
  6. Optional: For fresh raspberries, dampen the raspberry enough for sugar to adhere. For frozen raspberries, they should have thawed enough to be damp enough for sugar to adhere to.
  7. Place the raspberry into the yogurt in the middle. Or wherever you like. You can use more to edge around the rim if you didn’t apply sugar to the rim. Or go crazy and put more on, It’s your choice. Just don’t go too crazy, they’ll sink if you put too many on! :)


  1. says

    This yogurt looks incredible, Lisa! Welcome to summertime… sweaty weather and gross people in tank tops, ugh. But the best part about it all is eating this scrumptious yogurt! I love raspberries and yogurt, and what a refreshing treat to eat during this heat!! (Wow, that rhymed lol)
    Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel recently posted…Rice Krispies Cupcakes

  2. says

    This looks like the perfect way to beat the heat. I just love yogurt and eat it just about every day, especially when it’s hot:) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. says

    I think it looks awesome, even without the rim of sugar.
    By the way, I think that where I live follows the same climate as London. It has been raining all summer, until now. Now it’s SO hot. And people keep complaining everyday. No one is ever happy.
    …Until they try this yogurt. Or wear a tank top revealing a hairy back and beer belly :p
    ATasteOfMadness recently posted…Braided Spaghetti Bread

  4. says

    Fantastic start to a summer day! I love having this with peanut butter as well–tastes just like a PB&J sammy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    Oh Lisa, this is such a beautiful and girly photo. Has Jo written all over it. Ok ok, maybe not, but does it count cause I do seriously love strawberries and pink. Perfect and light. This is something I would dig into without feeling the sense of guilt. Then again I am a foodie, no calorie counting for me. Hehe.. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!
    Joanna @ Chic & Gorgeous Treats recently posted…Cara Orange Passion Tart


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