Spring Blossom Buttercream Sponge Cake

Spring blossom sponge cake

Spring Blossom Buttercream Sponge Cake

So… the award for “the worlds worst decorated cake” goes to…. Me! Since I’m going to show everything created on this blog, here’s my so-called Spring Blossom cake. Everything went smoothly until decorating time. The buttercream even went relatively well (considering that I’ve only applied buttercream as an outer frosting to two cakes in my 30 years of existence). Everything went completely pear shaped when I made the blossoms and thereafter.

I used a blossom plunger cutter, perfect. My rolled fondant (sugarpaste), not so perfect. It cracked a hella lot when using the ball tool to thin the edges. Not good. I carried on with the thoughts of ‘hmm, well blossoms don’t look perfect when they’ve fell off the tree anyway.’ When it was time to use more sugarpaste, I busted out the shop bought and low and behold, no cracking on the edges. Gah! So, there’s some pretty blossoms and the rest not so pretty. But the first ever time I have ever thinned using a ball tool and foam mat. Which I enjoyed a little too much even if they didn’t look perfecto.

Once things started going wrong, it was all downhill from there, I’m afraid. Attaching the blossoms went OKish for most part as I’d applied the second coating of buttercream to the cake and they adhered OK. Although I made a massive newbie mistake of leaving some of the blossoms to dry overnight with the intention of fixing them to the cake with Royal Icing today. BIG mistake. They didn’t fix well and some of the petals broke off. Oh, and did I mention that I kept knocking the buttercream on the outside and making marks? LOL.

I applied pink Royal Icing to the middle of the blossoms too. Again, some went horribly wrong. I used a 10-second royal icing and was good for creating dots but some merged together, oopsies. Nothing a soft pink blush dragee couldn’t fix, hehe!

Spring blossom sponge cake

So there you have it. An ugly yet fantastic tasting disaster, bittersweet!

I’m hoping (praying) that I can only get better with more practise at smoothing buttercream and the decorating part. This must be my karma from the cake for betraying it with cupcakes for so long.

Sorry cake, I still love you.

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  1. says

    I happen to LOVE your cake ;) It's just delightful.  The soft green is just a delicious shade! It totally sings … Spring! And your blossoms are terrific ~ you should have seen mine the first time I attempted them. You did brilliantly for your first attempt at thinning and curling them out. Glad to hear you're feeling better and back in the kitchen. Take care and I'm looking forward to following all of our sweet treats!

  2. Amanda says

    I'll be honest. I think you are being a little hard on yourself. When I just looked at the picture I thought was a pretty cake.  Then as I read your post I was thinkg she has to be crazy. I think this is a great looking cake! I know it's hard b/c we are always are hardest critic but you really did a good job!
    Laundry Care

  3. says

    I think you cake looks beautiful! The blossoms are a wonderful idea…I don't think I'd have the patience to make them though, so you get brownie points for persevering!!!

  4. says

    This cake is gorgeous!!! You did a great job! 

    (But I totally get the hard on yourself mentality. Nothing I ever make is ever perfect enough. Where other people see pretty, I point out the flaw in my handiwork. It is almost impossible to escape this mentality!) 

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