Foodie PenPals #3 – August 2012


Foodie Penpals #3 - August 2012 It's that time of the month again. It's foodie penpal reveal time, baby! I was matched with Kristen Stone who is also a foodie blogger who features a mixture of cooked and baked goodies, you can find Kristen's food blog here. When Kristen first contacted me asking what I'd like, my answer was the obvious choice of anything to do with baking and sweet desserts. I waited in anticipation until my beautiful box arrived from the postie. I could already tell that I'd been a lucky puppy again. I'm like a child when it comes to foodie penpals and this was no … [Read more...]

Foodie PenPals #1 – June 2012


Last month in May, I signed up for the wonderful Foodie PenPals. I turned out to be 1 day late for the May sign up (boo!) but managed to join up for this months. If you've never heard of Foodie PenPals, it's where you send a foodie package of your choice of what you think your match would like to another foodie with to the value of up to £10/$15. You get matched with two different people: one who will be sending a parcel to you, and another of which you will be sending a parcel to them. What is there not to like about receiving a surprise parcel?! Wonderfulness! I sent a parcel to Lucy at … [Read more...]

Patriotic Red/White/Blue Olympics Theme Party Cupcakes


Olympics London 2012 Patriotic Red, White and Blue Cupcakes London Olympics 2012 themed patriotic red, white and blue decorated cupcakes for a London Olympic themed birthday party. First of all, please excuse the iPhone photos. I didn't have time to take some high-quality piccies (you'll see why below as you read on!) My 'future' sister in law, Nicola knows that I bake as a hobby, and instead of buying cupcakes from the store she asked if I would do the cupcakes for her son, Jack's 11th birthday party. "Sure", I said not realising that It also fell on Easter Sunday. They were wanting to … [Read more...]