Black Forest Fruits Muffins


Black Forest Fruits Muffins What time is it? It's muffin time! Mufiin o' clock should definitely be an official time of the day. Not one blueberry in sight here, these are all black forest fruits (cherries, grapes, blackberries, and black currants) in these muffins. Look at that oozing fruit popping up to say hello! My fella (aka. the giant man-baby) came up with the idea behind these muffins. He formally demanded requested that he would like some blueberry muffins whilst we were in the kitchen chatting about non other than what he'd like me to bake next. I had some blueberries in but … [Read more...]

Black Forest Gâteau


Black Forest GâteauOK, so this turned out to be a disaster! Oh well, you live and learn. As you can see from the photo, it just looks like a complete pile of sh*te! But it still tasted good. I followed the recipe but I think I lost a lot of air in the mixture after folding in the fluffy egg whites. I've not seen a recipe for chocolate cake which doesn't include any butter in the mixture. The next time I make it, I might try it a different way to the recipe I used. I may just use my usual denser sponge mix adding the chocolate into it so that it rises since that was the issue really. Oh and my … [Read more...]