Campfire Cupcakes


Campfire Cupcakes It's bonfire night (whoop!) But sadly, this is the last installment of bonfire night goodies (boo!) It's been like a war zone here. Fireworks making that loud fizzing/squealing noise with a pop at the end. Then, of course, there's the bangers. You know the type, the ones that shoot up with no noise at all then an almighty ear-popping bang that ricochets around the houses. The ones that make you jump so such your heart races! They're like someone sneaking up on you in the middle of the night with a balloon and a pin! *clutches chest!* There's only one way to settle your … [Read more...]

Toffee (Candy) Apples


Toffee (Candy) Apples Continuing the bonfire night theme... Toffee apples (candy apples) are a childhood favourite of mine. My first memory of them was at Goose Fair - an annual carnival held in Nottingham at the beginning of October. The fair is quite famous and apparently people come to the fair from all over the UK. My parents bought my brother and I a toffee apple alongside some candy floss from the fair stall holders. We would eat so much then go on the rides. Why we didn't projective vomit on the rides escapes me! Every year since, I've pestered my poor Mum for toffee apples. In … [Read more...]

Bonfire Toffee


Bonfire Toffee Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot… Halloween is over but bonfire night is rapidly approaching. If you're not familiar with UK tradition, bonfire night (aka. Guy Fawkes' night, Fireworks night, plot night) has been celebrated in England since 5th November 1605. It is a celebration of the Kings escape from assassination from Guy Fawkes and his 12 other conspirators. Guy Fawkes' placed barrels of gunpowder under the houses of parliament. However, Guy was caught then hung, drawn … [Read more...]