Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns Homemade Sticky Buns make a Decadent Breakfast Treat! Sweet Yeast Dough is Enriched with Butter and Eggs, rolled with Cinnamon Sugar, and Baked in a pool of Brown Sugar and Honey Caramel. Enjoy them with Nuts and Raisins if you like! These Sticky, Sweet Buns are in the Tradition of the Pennsylvania Dutch. When my friend Lisa approached me about doing a guest post for her, I didn't hesitate for one nanosecond. You see, pretty much since the moment we first (virtually) met, she has bent over backwards being an advisor, teacher, mentor, and friend to me. When I first confided in … [Read more...]

Hot Cross Buns


Hot Cross Buns Traditional spiced and sticky glazed Hot Cross Buns with pastry crosses. Hot Cross Buns are an Easter classic, but can be served at any time of the year! Happy Easter Monday! I hope you're all having a lovely Easter with your families? Or, perhaps you're ill in bed puking your guts up because you ate too much chocolate yesterday? I'm ashamed to admit that was [almost] me this morning! But if you can't have chocolate on Easter, when can you? :) Fortunately, although I felt nauseous, I wasn't actually sick and it wore off in an hour or so. Then I went back for more … [Read more...]

Hot Cross Cookies


Hot Cross Cookies Bored of Hot Cross Buns? How about some Hot Cross Cookies instead? A clever twist on an Easter classic, they're sure to become a family favourite. I love Easter. I'm not religious (each to our own) so it has the be the choc-fest that does it for me! What's not to love about beautifully wrapped and presented Easter eggs? All the pretty pastel shades, the little chicks and Easter bonnets that make their way into our heart and home. All the fun activities for the kidlets too, I secretly like to join in! I'd never get bored of hot cross buns neither. And I know that … [Read more...]

Spiced Apple and Mixed Fruit Crumble Bars


Spiced Apple & Mixed Fruit Crumble Bars The [slushy] leaves are on the floor, the weather has cooled considerably and the heating is on. All those things that give you that warm fuzzy feeling you get and the urge to kick off your rain soaked shoes, swap for slippers and jump in front of the fire with a steaming hot cup of cocoa complete with marshmallows. But for the sugar fiend that I am, hot chocolate and marshmallows aren't enough, I need comfort food too. And sugar = comfort food. As apples are very much in season, I wanted to do something with apples. Apple pie and apple crumble … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Streusel Muffins


Pumpkin Streusel Muffins You wouldn't believe the trouble I've been to to get pureed canned pumpkin! I've phoned local deli's - no joy, scoured the internet for local places selling canned pumpkin - no joy. Finally, I find a chain supermarket that sells it (Waitrose) which have a small shop in the city centre, I was overjoyed. Added it to my basket online for collection in person when the checkout message stated that the Nottingham store doesn't stock it and directed me to the most local store that does… 30 miles away! That's a 60 mile round trip for a can of pumpkin puree, what the … [Read more...]

No Yeast Mini Muffin Cinnamon Rolls


Mini Muffin Cinnamon Rolls *stands up* Hi, I'm Lisa and I have a confession. I, um, have never had a cinnamon roll… until now. *sees all the jaw dropped faces* I know, I'm sorry. You may beat me now! Yes, it's true. But I was determined to change that and change that I did. It all started one summery evening a few months back when I was relaxing in bed watching Man Vs Food. It was the episode where they made those epically giant cinnamon rolls. My eyes widened, the swallowing commenced and so did the drool. From that point on, I had already stored those wonderful cinnamon rolls in my 'to … [Read more...]

Spiced Chewy Oat and Sultana Cookies


Spiced Chewy Oat & Sultana Cookies Don't you just hate rude people? It especially bugs me when people are rude but don't even know they're doing it, subtle rudeness. For example: you've just picked up 4 bags of essentials from the supermarket with your 9 year old daughter and have to be at the school in literally 2 minutes to pick up the other daughter and are rushing back to the car when… some peeps are coming through the door and you're standing next to the door waiting for them to pass, loaded with 4 bags and they just walk past you and shut the door behind themselves. Um, … [Read more...]