Toasted Coconut Vanilla Bean Marshmallows


Toasted Coconut Vanilla Bean Marshmallows Ever since my 2nd Foodie Penpals package arrived with a mahoosive amount of homemade goodies, I've been desperate to try making my own marshmallows. This is the first time ever making marshmallows so I wasn't quite sure what to expect and decided to adapt a basic marshmallow recipe from Martha Stewart. I had some desiccated coconut remaining from making my English Coconut Macaroons so had already decided I was going to put it to good use to create vanilla bean marshmallows with a generous coating of toasted coconut on top of the marshmallow … [Read more...]

English Coconut Macaroons


English Coconut Macaroons I cannot quite believe that English macaroons are now deemed to be old-fashioned, and less sophisticated than their French namesakes. Who decided this?! Maybe it's because they're far easier to make than their French cousins? I certainly don't agree with that statement. Firstly, they make a perfect tea time treat. The outer is perfectly crispy with a moist, chewy, refreshing coconut inner. The drizzled dark chocolate is an amazing finishing touch and is fantastic combo. Taste wise, these kind of taste like a Bounty chocolate/candy bar, or Mounds in the US but … [Read more...]

Coconut Ice


Coconut Ice Take a trip down memory lane with this easy version of a classic British treat, Coconut Ice. Traditional crumbly texture, and a pink strawberry flavoured layer. They make an attractive gift. Ice ice baby! Do you even remember that song?! If not, you're clearly not as old as me. :( Not that I'm all that old anyway. I'm just 25 with 7 years experience! ;) I really can't believe that song was released in 1990. I was just 9 years old back then! Yet I still it like yesterday. Two out of 3 of my children are now older than I was now, when that song was released. That just seems … [Read more...]