Halloween Sugar Cookies


Halloween Sugar Cookies Happy Halloween!!!! It's already almost midnight here and we've only had two ToT'ers. TWO!? Le sigh. :( And I bought 3 largish boxes of candy to share. Perhaps it's the rain that's so heavy that the gutters look like a river going down the street that's the issue? But that doesn't stop me celebrating, no siree! I made you decorated sugar cookies. Now you can tell why my blog has been quiet lately, huh? Because boy, I forgot just how much effort goes into decorating sugar cookies. *insert blushing smilie, heh* And you know what? I baked these bad boys late at night … [Read more...]

Gothic Rose Vampire Cupcakes


Devil's Cardamom Chocolate Cupcakes When I was a teen I totally went through that whole Goth phase. We're talking crushed velvet, milk-like pale skin (which I'm totally naturally guilty of anyway - pass the fake tan, stat!), corsets, black and white stripy tights, and um, Marilyn Manson (and now the barf bag please because yes, I just went there!) Thankfully, I grew out of it some years later with the exception of some rock music but we're not talking death screams anymore. However, it has left a lasting strangeness to my soul and might probably be the reason as to why I'm drawn to those … [Read more...]

Bloody Brains Cupcakes


Bloody Brains Cupcakes What do you love best about Halloween as an adult? For me, it still seems like a mystical time of the year. In England, the end of October is normally cold. If it's not raining, there's normally a frost in the air and you can always see your breath in the air as a little cloud that shines in the street lights. Obviously, it's so much better if there's an awesome full moon with creepy cloud cover too. I love that I can get warm and cosy on the sofa with a giant cup of hot chocolate and a huge warm jumper with the fire on. As a child, there was a children's park on a … [Read more...]

A4 Holiday Recipe Dividers – Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween & Christmas


A4 Holiday Recipe Dividers - Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween & Christmas Looking to divide your recipes in your recipe binder into holiday occasions? Look no further with my A4 Holiday recipe dividers. Perfect to slip into an A4 recipe binder. So, I've been really busy sourcing online recipes for my recipe collection binder. This all started when I came across recipes online, as you do, printing them; adapting them in word processing software; and printing the adaptations of all the recipes I wanted to try. Then I quickly realised with a giant wad of paper in my hands that … [Read more...]