Cravendale #EpicStraws


You wouldn't believe the amount of fun we've been having with these 'strawsome' Cravendale Epic Straws. I've recently participated in a challenge with the kidlets to create some whacky and fun shapes with these straws. We were sent 2 packs of different straws from Cravendale milk. Have you seen their TV adverts? I loved the older ones where there were cows that stalked a man and the tagline was "Cravendale milk, milk so good the cows want it back" and more recently there's the Bertrum Thumbcat which is a cat with opposable thumbs! :) Our Cravendale Epic Staws Creations … [Read more...]

Coconut Ice


Coconut Ice Take a trip down memory lane with this easy version of a classic British treat, Coconut Ice. Traditional crumbly texture, and a pink strawberry flavoured layer. They make an attractive gift. Ice ice baby! Do you even remember that song?! If not, you're clearly not as old as me. :( Not that I'm all that old anyway. I'm just 25 with 7 years experience! ;) I really can't believe that song was released in 1990. I was just 9 years old back then! Yet I still it like yesterday. Two out of 3 of my children are now older than I was now, when that song was released. That just seems … [Read more...]