Dark and White Chocolate Mousse Parfait


Dark & White Chocolate Mousse Parfait There's just something about chocolate that makes me scream inside. Heck, I'd scream outside too but then I wouldn't be disguised as the responsible adult I am.. *snort!* And around this time of the year, it's everywhere too. Christmas tins full of individually wrapped goodness. Special flavoured chocolate, I could go on forever. But what do you do when you've already opened said special Christmas tins and inhaled a ton of chocolate already? No that I have, of course. *shuffles in seat looking guilty* I wanted my chocolate fix again but I wanted … [Read more...]

Volcano Cookies


Volcano Cookies Prepared to be de-socked (is that even a word?) because today, I bring you some Deep Dish Molten Lava Chocolate Chip Cookies (AKA Volcano Cookies) that'll blow your socks off! I've been wanting to make some molten lava cookies for a while. So when I saw a recipe that made a … [Read more...]

English Coconut Macaroons


English Coconut Macaroons I cannot quite believe that English macaroons are now deemed to be old-fashioned, and less sophisticated than their French namesakes. Who decided this?! Maybe it's because they're far easier to make than their French cousins? I certainly don't agree with that statement. Firstly, they make a perfect tea time treat. The outer is perfectly crispy with a moist, chewy, refreshing coconut inner. The drizzled dark chocolate is an amazing finishing touch and is fantastic combo. Taste wise, these kind of taste like a Bounty chocolate/candy bar, or Mounds in the US but … [Read more...]