Toffee (Candy) Apples


Toffee (Candy) Apples Continuing the bonfire night theme... Toffee apples (candy apples) are a childhood favourite of mine. My first memory of them was at Goose Fair - an annual carnival held in Nottingham at the beginning of October. The fair is quite famous and apparently people come to the fair from all over the UK. My parents bought my brother and I a toffee apple alongside some candy floss from the fair stall holders. We would eat so much then go on the rides. Why we didn't projective vomit on the rides escapes me! Every year since, I've pestered my poor Mum for toffee apples. In … [Read more...]

Patriotic Red/White/Blue Olympics Theme Party Cupcakes


Olympics London 2012 Patriotic Red, White and Blue Cupcakes London Olympics 2012 themed patriotic red, white and blue decorated cupcakes for a London Olympic themed birthday party. First of all, please excuse the iPhone photos. I didn't have time to take some high-quality piccies (you'll see why below as you read on!) My 'future' sister in law, Nicola knows that I bake as a hobby, and instead of buying cupcakes from the store she asked if I would do the cupcakes for her son, Jack's 11th birthday party. "Sure", I said not realising that It also fell on Easter Sunday. They were wanting to … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Sugarpaste/Fondant Hearts Vanilla Cupcakes


Valentine's Sugarpaste/Fondant Hearts Vanilla Cupcakes It's all pink, fluffy, and lovey dovey on my blog right now. Which I guess is very apt with tomorrow being the day of [barry white voice] Luuurrvvee! I'mma behind on blogging lately. Bad me! I actually baked these cupcakes about 3 days ago and decorated 2 days ago. I better get my arse moving since I've got more cakey goodness to share too, Oooo! I decided to go with something different this time and bust out the freebie matching heart cutters I received from a great baking mag. I still have a lot of tools I've bought which I haven't … [Read more...]