Apple and Oatmeal Cookies


Apple and Oatmeal Cookies When I was younger, my parents always used to put an apple in my school lunch, like e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. They were always a Granny Smith apples too. My Mum only ever bought Granny Smith apples. I never knew why. Maybe it has something to do with another type of apple being called a 'Pink Lady' and that sounded something like a strippers name in a gentlemen's club, and thought than since grannies are all sweet and innocent that we should eat Granny Smith apples to eat our way to innocence or something? When I was about 7, I remember being at school at lunchtime … [Read more...]

Spiced Apple and Mixed Fruit Crumble Bars


Spiced Apple & Mixed Fruit Crumble Bars The [slushy] leaves are on the floor, the weather has cooled considerably and the heating is on. All those things that give you that warm fuzzy feeling you get and the urge to kick off your rain soaked shoes, swap for slippers and jump in front of the fire with a steaming hot cup of cocoa complete with marshmallows. But for the sugar fiend that I am, hot chocolate and marshmallows aren't enough, I need comfort food too. And sugar = comfort food. As apples are very much in season, I wanted to do something with apples. Apple pie and apple crumble … [Read more...]

Spiced Chewy Oat and Sultana Cookies


Spiced Chewy Oat & Sultana Cookies Don't you just hate rude people? It especially bugs me when people are rude but don't even know they're doing it, subtle rudeness. For example: you've just picked up 4 bags of essentials from the supermarket with your 9 year old daughter and have to be at the school in literally 2 minutes to pick up the other daughter and are rushing back to the car when… some peeps are coming through the door and you're standing next to the door waiting for them to pass, loaded with 4 bags and they just walk past you and shut the door behind themselves. Um, … [Read more...]

Monster Cookies


Monster Cookies - Marshmallow Fluff Based! Don't you just hate it when you're gearing up to make/bake something and you know that you have the ingredients in. Then comes the time where you put your thoughts and efforts into action only to find that 1 or more of the ingredients you knew you had in.. well, isn't in! I knew for a fact we had crunchy peanut butter in. Not only 1, but I knew there were 2 jars of it. The giant man-baby doesn't like PB so I'm guessing it met its death by him. I also knew I replenished the bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) too. And I knew that when I last ran out … [Read more...]