Honeywell Bakes Review and Giveaway


Honeywell Bakes Review and Giveaway Rebecca and Rosie Honeywell created Honeywell Bakes in 2012 after having much success designing and creating dessert tables. Having inherited the baking gene from their mother, it seemed natural for these sisters to use their Jedi skills for good, offering stylish [and beautiful] iced biscuit gift sets in addition to their bespoke dessert tables. The first thing you'll notice is the spectacularly beautiful web design. Fresh and modern yet with vintage notes. Not to mention the amazingly decorated biscuit sets and the beautiful photography by Rebecca … [Read more...]

Halloween Sugar Cookies


Halloween Sugar Cookies Happy Halloween!!!! It's already almost midnight here and we've only had two ToT'ers. TWO!? Le sigh. :( And I bought 3 largish boxes of candy to share. Perhaps it's the rain that's so heavy that the gutters look like a river going down the street that's the issue? But that doesn't stop me celebrating, no siree! I made you decorated sugar cookies. Now you can tell why my blog has been quiet lately, huh? Because boy, I forgot just how much effort goes into decorating sugar cookies. *insert blushing smilie, heh* And you know what? I baked these bad boys late at night … [Read more...]

Diamond Jubilee Crown Cookies


Royal Crown Cookies Feeling blue today? Then add red and white to your blue and get patriotic! 'Cos baby, it's party time! Fly your flag with pride. Don't forget to dig out the bunting too. And while you're at it, I'll have a vodka and energy drink, thank you please! Monster Energy and vodka has recently been discovered (instead of Red Bull) and is now a new fave! Is it rude to make lip smacking noises while I type this thinking of Monster and vodka at only 4pm in the afternoon? If so, apologies but imma going to carry on all the same! So, I've never been into anything royal, unless … [Read more...]

Spring Blossom Buttercream Sponge Cake


Spring Blossom Buttercream Sponge Cake So… the award for "the worlds worst decorated cake" goes to…. Me! Since I'm going to show everything created on this blog, here's my so-called Spring Blossom cake. Everything went smoothly until decorating time. The buttercream even went relatively well (considering that I've only applied buttercream as an outer frosting to two cakes in my 30 years of existence). Everything went completely pear shaped when I made the blossoms and thereafter. I used a blossom plunger cutter, perfect. My rolled fondant (sugarpaste), not so perfect. It cracked a hella … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Royal Icing Sugar Cookies – A Dedicated Post!


Royal Iced Easter Egg Cookies Is that you I hear sniggering at my Easter egg cookies?! Hehe! This is my very first attempt at decorating cookies so please bear with my unprofessional-ness results. More on the cookies later. But first, this post is dedicated to two wonderful ladies who live across the pond in the US. Namely, the wonderful Pam from Cookie Crazie and Karen who owns a cookie decorating shop called Karen's Cookies but also has a blog, Karen's Cookies Blog. This is quite a random story so make yourself a cuppa', get comfy, and put your feet up! I absolutely love visiting … [Read more...]