Strawberry & Banana Smoothie


Are you "organized in your heart" but you'd never know it by your surroundings? Join the club! Sinea's blog, Ducks 'n a Row, is full of no-pressure encouragement to help you organize, simplify, manage time, save money, create delicious dishes, have fun with your family and enjoy life. Smoothies are simply milkshakes without the ice cream. That's why we love them! This Strawberry Banana Smoothie is a tasty delight and a healthy meal, besides. Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Recipe Save Print Serves: 1 (For those who care to know, Weight Watchers Points: 4) Smoothies are … [Read more...]

Strawberry, Roasted Hazelnut, Dark and White Chocolate Chip Cookies


Strawberry, Roasted Hazelnut, Dark and White Chocolate Chip Cookies These Strawberry, Roasted Hazelnut, Dark & White Chocolate Chip Cookies have delicious dried strawberries for that fruity punch and moistness, nuts for a textured crunch and of course delicate creamy white chocolate in addition to the dark chocolate chips. Crunchy, chewy and indulgent. They're chocolate chip cookies with a difference! I'm a lover of all cookie but these are my new favourite by far! There's just something missing from a regular chocolate chip cookie. Don't get me wrong, the dark chocolate definitely … [Read more...]

Victoria Sponge Cake


Victoria Sponge Cake Guess who's birthday it is? No, not mine but someone very close to my heart… yes, the giant man-baby. Aka. my partner, Daniel. I'm normally very organised when it comes to birthdays, I normally have a budget where I save X amount of money per month so I know I'll have enough. I also usually buy the card and present(s) anywhere from a few months in advance to 2 weeks in advance, this year being the exception. I'm having another flare-up with my arthritis and it's in my hands so driving is currently out of the question which means having the giant man-baby with me while … [Read more...]

Foodie PenPals #1 – June 2012


Last month in May, I signed up for the wonderful Foodie PenPals. I turned out to be 1 day late for the May sign up (boo!) but managed to join up for this months. If you've never heard of Foodie PenPals, it's where you send a foodie package of your choice of what you think your match would like to another foodie with to the value of up to £10/$15. You get matched with two different people: one who will be sending a parcel to you, and another of which you will be sending a parcel to them. What is there not to like about receiving a surprise parcel?! Wonderfulness! I sent a parcel to Lucy at … [Read more...]

{Guest Post} Chocolate & Berries Cheesecake


Hi guys and gals. I'm kicking off Saturdays with Share Saturday which means I'm inviting all foodie bloggers to create a sweet treat and then share it on my blog! Without going into too much, I have an auto-immune condition which results in a lot of pain and therefore a lot of the time I'm unable to bake as often as I'd like to. To read more, just go to my 'about' page.To kick off the guest posting, we have the wonderful Uru from Go Bake Yourself. She's kicking off the party with a wonderful celebration cheesecake. It's got a hell of a lot of goodies in this puppy - chocolate, berries, mixed … [Read more...]

Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Cupcakes – School Bake Sale


Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Cupcakes Aren't children wonderful? I love the way they spring things on you. For example, Wednesday evening the children returned home from school and casually stated that there was going to be a school bake sale. Great, I'll help and whip up some cupcakes. It was the perfect chance for me to use my new purchased pink cupcake courier, weyhey! I thought my cupcake courier might've sadly ended up being used as more of a storage device for my cupcakes than actually transportation. I was therefore excited that it would actually be used for … [Read more...]