Key Lime Cheesecake Bars


Key Lime Cheesecake Bars I refuse to accept that summer is over. How can it be when we're still technically having summery weather, albeit that the mornings are now cold and we even had frost a couple of mornings ago? I'm going to stomp my feet and throw a tantrum, I'm not a winter person at all and autumn might as well be winter in the UK. In fact, I'm one of those people that finds myself a bit 'chilly' even when it's 25℃/77℉ and wearing a light jacket when everyone else is wearing summer tanks. I'm so ready ready to bid farewell to all the summer berries and ice creams I've been perving … [Read more...]

Girly Pastel Tri-Coloured Swirl Vanilla Cupcakes


Girly Pastel Tri-Coloured Swirl Vanilla Cupcakes Overly girlie, triple coloured swirl vanilla cupcakes. Pastel shades of pink and lilac with white complimentary colours. Sure to make any princess proud. When I was younger, I'm talking between 5-15 years old, I was a tom boy. I don't have any sisters but one brother that's 2.5 years older than myself. I played with boy toys. I had a boat load of cars, boy helicopters n' all! Not one Barbie in sight (nor action man! Yes, I was that tom boyish that even an action man was considered a "doll" is our household). I watched F1 racing, rally … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Pink Rose Buttercream Swirl Vanilla Cupcakes – Made with Love


Valentine's Pink Rose Swirl Vanilla Cupcakes Flowers… for me? Oh I do declare! - Ace Ventura! Valentine's day is fast approaching. Who's in the mood for some luuurrrvvveeee? No? OK, must just be me, *sulks off into the gutter where I belong!* I love receiving flowers. What girl doesn't? As long as they're not from some garage (yes, we do know, guys!) and as long as they're not granny flowers too. If any men happened to somehow set eyes on this, do your loved one a favour and for Valentine's Day get that special lady in your life half a dozen roses. More if you're not on a budget. Nothing … [Read more...]

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Swirls


Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream SwirlsOH.MY.GOD!! These were so good, even if it was just a standard sponge recipe (see below) with standard basic buttercream swirls. Needless to say, I made these about 3 days ago. I made 24 of these vanilla cupcakes with the buttercream swirls and they're now ALL gone! =)) My children made their own basic sponge cupcakes, so really, these were eaten by just myself and my partner (although the kidlets did have a few).I made just standard sized cupcakes and filled them approx. ¾ full with the batter. Popped them in the oven and kept an eye on them … [Read more...]