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The must have “About Me”, where I have to make myself sound as exciting as possible to attract would-be readers! So, here goes… *gulp*

I’m Lisa, *waves* I’m 36. I am a disabled mum of three little girls, Katrina (16), Collette (14) and Abbi (13). Not forgetting my partner’s (known as the giant man-baby) son, Josh (13).

I live in Nottingham, in beautiful sunny *cough* England! I suffer with chronic Psoriatic arthritis (PSA), and have had it since I was approx. 13 years old. Daily life is a struggle with the constant pain, fatigue and of course, stiff and fused unusable joints all over my body.

Due to this, I do not work and often find myself bored. I needed a hobby and fast! I do love photography as a hobby that I have done for years, but my disability now somewhat restricts that. I do enjoy cooking main meals (when the children don’t cock their noses up at my wonderful ‘creations’), but wanted to broaden my horizons by baking up some yummy mummy desert treats. I’m an amateur at this still. Oh so amateur-ish! So, I’m not just cooking up a treat, I’ll often be found ‘cocking’ up a treat too! 🙂 [‘Cocking up’ is English slang for ‘messing up’ ;)] But ah well, practise makes perfect, eh?

Kenwood Chef Titanium Food Processor/Mixer

So, here you will see the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, heh! Follow along if you will, the more the merrier, and join in with the fun and the mess found in my kitchen after. Oh, and while you’re here, grab that dish cloth and help me tidy up that ‘batter splatter’ will you? Ta muchly!

I’m using a Kenwood Chef Titanium food processor/mixer which I purchased in early 2012, and have used a lot! It is fantastic. I love that it is a mixer with the usual whisk, dough hook, K-beater and a flexible beater (which scrapes the sides of the bowl as it beats). It also has a food processor which fits on top, and also has a liquidiser which also fits on top.

Kenwood Chef Titanium Food Processor/Mixer

Because I’m greedy and I couldn’t make my mind up whether I primarily wanted either the Kenwood Chef mixer or the KitchenAid Artisan mixer I, umm, got both! ?

So, I have two mixers – double the production, baby! ?

I really wanted the red KitchenAid, but after seeing someone locally selling a brand new unopened in box with all warrenties locally at a bargain price, I really could not resist.

Therefore I ended up with a beautiful KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer in Onyx black. It’s be-a-you-ti-ful! And I can’t conplain really as I have both chrome and black elements in my kitchen. It fits in like a glove!

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31 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Francesca July 27, 2012 @9:09 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa, I just read your comment over at Cookies and Cups, about not being able to purchase the Wilton cookie scraper --- I am in America at the moment, but I return to England next week. I would be happy to get one for you if I can, then post it when I am back - if you would like me to? Just let me know. I am very happy to help if I can.
    Thank you for your blog and for sharing your recipes and tips.

    1. Lisa {Sweet 2 Eat Baking} July 27, 2012 @10:03 pm Reply

      I just emailed you back. Thank you so very much!

  2. Hip Foodie Mom August 30, 2012 @8:00 am Reply

    Wow, thank you for sharing your story! How inspiring! Uh, and I would NOT call your posts/desserts/recipes amateur! Everything looks amazing! :)

  3. Sumayya Jamil September 28, 2012 @8:31 am Reply

    what a fab blog, love your recipes and your spirit x

  4. Antonia, Tidy Away Today November 19, 2012 @1:49 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa, lovely blog and photos! I will definitely be returning to try some of your fab recipes :-)


  5. madamecroquette January 3, 2013 @5:01 am Reply

    Wishing you all the best with the blog. You are so talented! Here's to a fulfilling and "delicious" 2013. Your blog is an endless supply of stunning inspiration!


  6. Brenda King March 19, 2013 @4:06 am Reply

    Lisa- Love your site, recipes, and beautiful , tempting photos. They all look professional to me, and the treats look heavenl I bet I can gain weight by just admiring them! Keep up the wonderful work!

  7. Liz Becker April 22, 2013 @8:29 am Reply


    I think there is something wrong with your email submission form so I will go ahead and talk to you here :) My name is Liz and I am interested in guest posting on sweet2eatbaking.com. Let me know if you are interested in either guest posts or sponsored posts :)


    1. Lisa Crunkhorn July 1, 2013 @1:24 pm Reply

      Hi Liz, I'm sorry I'm soooo late in responding, I didn't even see this until now when updating my page.

      If you're still interested, please do shoot me an email. I won't be so late in responding next time. I promise.

      Again, apologies.

  8. Kate May 14, 2013 @4:13 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa,

    I keep meaning to pop on here and ask you which mixer you find best with the PA. I'm fed up of my hand whisk which I keep dropping into mixtures and redecorating the kitchen with. I'm thinking about a Kenwood as some people have said that is easier to put attachments in - what do you think?

    Loving all your recipes and your photos are brilliant.


    1. Lisa Crunkhorn May 14, 2013 @4:44 pm Reply

      Hi Kate,

      Thanks for stopping by. You've reminded me that I need to update my about page since I have both the Kenwood Titanium and Kitchen Aid Artisan mixers now, and have done for quite a while.

      I don't even think I'd even be able to go the hand whisk route so I can definitely understand why you've be redecorating the kitchen with it and its vibrations! Eek!

      My Kenwood Titanium is a food processor as well as a stand mixer so I can't compare their range of just stand mixers but i'd image they'd be the same, and specifically for the ease of use putting the whisk, beater attachments, etc. I'd say that they're equally easy to put on. The Kenwood has sort of a bayonet on the end of the attachment which you attach like a lightbulb pushing up and into the space and screwing in. The Kitchen Aid is similar but doesn't have a bayonet-like end, but you still push up and screw.

      I haven't had any issues getting the beaters off other than the Kenwood flexible beater which is rather stiff sometimes but I think that's just my beater as it doesn't do it all the time. My partner will happily remove the attachments for me if I can't. Also, the Kenwood attachments also have nuts so you can loosen them up and down for an accurate beat/whisk.

      In other specs, the Kenwood's motors are more powerful in general than the Kitchen Aid's. As I said before I have the Kenwood Chef 'Titanium' model, which is more or less the top of the range but comparing their K-Mix stand mixers, they still have more powerful motors than the Kitchen Aid Artisan mixers, but both are sturdy on the worktops.

      Other than that, with my arthritis in mind, the way you open them up to get to the bowls is different too. Not sure what it's like on K-Mix models but on my Titanium Kenwood you have to pull a lever towards you on the body of the mixer below the speed dial, which I find difficult sometimes as I have PSA bad in my thumb and it's facing at a 45 degree angle away from my fingers. On the Kitchen Aid, it's at the top on the neck of the body and you push that one away from you which I find easier. The Kitchen Aid isn't as graceful opening and, if not careful, can slam back down with a BIG thud whereas the Kenwood is graceful and doesn't thud back down on you.

      I use both equally. When I'm baking something hard like cookie dough or something that needs speed and power for a while such as whisking egg whites, meringues and marshmallows which need constant whisking for 5-10 mins or more, I'll use the Kenwood. For other things, I'll use the Kitchen Aid. Or vice versa if one of the bowls if dirty. :lol:

      I think that pretty much explains everything. If I've missed anything out, feel free to just email me and I'll get back to you.

      Hope this is helpful. Take care,

      1. Kate May 15, 2013 @1:48 pm Reply

        Thanks Lisa, that's really helpful info and the most comprehensive guide anyone has given me. I'm going to have to go play with them in the shop I think but leaning towards a kenwood, especially since you described it as graceful :). My wrists are the main problem when baking but I also have some numb patches on my hands/fingers. Most people seem happy with whichever they choose so perhaps I should just choose the prettiest!

  9. Ananasa July 1, 2013 @10:39 am Reply

    We love your strength and story behind this wonderful mouth watering blog!

    Ananasa.com - Home For Handmade

  10. Mandy January 14, 2014 @1:58 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa,have just come across your site by accident and just love it.
    I also suffer from a chronic condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis and have done for 20yrs so understand your situation. I too have found baking to be a tremendous help to me especially with boredom although I'm not a very good one I just enjoy the whole experience of making a cake and seeing that end result.
    I am looking forward to baking (and eating) many of the recipes I have seen on here as they all look gorgeous and yummy!!

  11. Stephanie April 1, 2014 @9:18 pm Reply

    Well, I love reading blogs about life of a fellow. I have a severe scalp psoriasis since I was 5 years old and I cannot do anything outside without my mom because I am ashamed of my condition. Until, my mother came across a blog called http://www.psoriasistreatmentadvisor.com which gives remedies. Now my life has improved with the aid of the remedies.

  12. Alain Malenfant June 7, 2014 @2:11 am Reply

    Hi from Montreal Canada. I have read your about page. I apologize for your disease and I think your courage and determination should inspire many of us with our "little problems".

    Continue your nice work.

    Long life to you and your family.

    Best wishes!

    1. Lisa June 7, 2014 @11:00 pm Reply

      Hi Alain, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.

      I don't consider myself as an inspiration, but I can relate to those little problems too. I think we all deal with problems differently, and it's only natural to vent our problems onto friends and family much to their annoyance. But I like to keep the mentality that there's people worse off in the world than me. :)

      Take care.

  13. Sandra August 11, 2014 @8:22 pm Reply

    Your recipes and pictures are awesome and it's a pleasure to meet you.

  14. Linda Stater September 18, 2015 @1:36 pm Reply

    Lisa, you truly are an inspiration and I feel ashamed when I find myself sometimes moaning over my aches and pains as I continue to grow-up. I am 67 and very grateful to God that I have gotten this far : )

    Thank you for your Website, it's son great to see some British recipes (being born and raised in Royal Leamington Spa) I miss my England sometimes and recipes seem to keep me close to my home-land somehow. God bless you, hang in there and thank you once again from a fellow country woman.

  15. Carly October 26, 2015 @3:09 pm Reply


    Your contact forms aren't displaying, can you provide an email to contact you on.


    1. Lisa | Sweet 2 Eat Baking November 17, 2015 @6:21 pm Reply

      Hi Carly, I'm sorry my reply is so late - I have taken a hiatus from the site for personal reasons. It looks like the software I use for the contact forms had gone corrupt while I was away. However, they're back up and working again should you wish to contact me. Again, apologies for the delay.

  16. Barbara Broerman November 14, 2016 @6:28 pm Reply

    HI Lisa
    Just fond your blog and hope you can help. I've been re-inspired to bake again by the GBBO. I have bought several of the cookbooks from the show and the breads have uniformly turned out well as have the savory pastries. The Mary Berry cakes have been a disaster. I am in Canada and the cake recipes have called for self rising flour. Our self rising flour has 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder per cup. All of the cakes have risen properly but fallen in the centre, which I attribute to too much baking powder. Several of the recipes have also called for additional baking powder as well. What is the proportion of baking powder in the UK self rising/raising flour and do you think that is the problem? I love the tastes of the cakes so would like to succeed with them. Many thanks.

    1. Lisa | Sweet 2 Eat Baking November 14, 2016 @7:21 pm Reply

      Hi Barbara,

      Sorry to hear of your troubles. Unfortunately, I can't give you an accurate amount of baking powder in flours here as I hear it can differ from countries and even brands. I usually stick to the same method as you - 1 1/2 tsp per cup (125g) of plain (all purpose) flour.

      However, there could be a few reasons the cakes are sinking in the middle...
      1. Too much raising agents or, depending on the recipe, too much air being incorporated (for example, egg whites being over beaten).
      2. Opening the oven door mid baking.
      3. Oven temperature too high or inaccurate oven temperatures which causes the edges to cook too rapidly and rise.

      As I don't know which recipes you're baking, I would suggest the only time to mix on medium-high speed is when you're creaming the butter and sugar(s). The remaining ingredients mixed on low to prevent over mixing. If that doesn't help, I'd suggest investing in an oven thermometer to make sure your oven temperature is accurate. If you have a fan assisted oven, you can adjust the temperature down by 20 degrees C.

      I hope you manage to figure out the issues and enjoy baking again. Good luck.

  17. Lisa August 22, 2017 @2:35 am Reply

    Hi Lisa, I'm a Lisa too but in America. :) I found your site my accident (and now I can't remember which site-Maybe Tiffany at Don't Waste the Crumb). Anyway, I appreciated your into and your willingness to share your life with strangers. You are a strong woman. I do have a question though. Do you find sugar makes you feel worse? I love sweets but think I am going to have to cut back on them. (So why am I on your site? LOL) So I just wanted your input from your perspective. Thanks. Can't wait to start trying your recipes. My grandsons will be thrilled.

  18. Inez Gehman January 6, 2019 @8:03 pm Reply

    Hello, Lisa, I just found your site while looking for information regarding calorie, weight and volume, etc. for bananas. I am amazed at the amount of information your site provides! So very, very helpful in more ways than what I was looking for. I would very much like to follow your blog in the future. Avery big THANK YOU!

    This 83 year old Virginian can empathize due to osteoarthritis (among other conditions) impeding gripping and stirring, etc. I admire your outlook while dealing with PSA, I, too, have found a positive, optimistic and grateful attitude to be very helpful.

    My husband and I are fans of The Great British Baking Show and are sorry to hear that Paul and Mary are no longer doing it. However, we do now have a USA baking show on our Public Broadcasting Service that we enjoy,

  19. Susan White December 27, 2019 @9:25 am Reply

    Hi Lisa Love this site which i came upon like many, by accident. I have sent you a question i hope you can help me with
    as i am baking a cake for a friends 60th secret party and feeling the pressure.
    Really admire your approach to life and you problems.

    Keep baking
    Sue White

  20. Fatima March 23, 2020 @3:11 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa I'm also a self taught baker from sunny South Africa 👋my name is Fatima and I own a home based Cupcakery called Berries and Lime 🍓I stumbled across your website,looking for conversions. Love the fact that you are so vibrant in your description about yourself, keep it up. I also use a Kenwood stand mixer and love it to bits❤️maybe a little more than my 3 kids😏although I would have loved a kitchen aid 😪thanks for such an inspiring web page.

  21. Alison June 9, 2022 @9:36 pm Reply

    Hey Lisa, thank you so much for your fantastic conversion guides. As a Geordie living in California I’m always trying to work out measuring by volumes vs weight, and inches versus centimeters in baking tins. Your handy guide makes it all seem straightforward.
    Hope all is well with you.

  22. Wendy Stribling September 19, 2023 @8:15 pm Reply

    Good to see you back ,Lisa xx

    1. Lisa | Sweet 2 Eat Baking September 23, 2023 @12:06 am Reply

      Thank you so much, Wendy. It's good to be back.😊 xx


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