Why I Haven’t Posted in 6 Years

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8 Comments on “Why I Haven’t Posted in 6 Years”

  1. Rosey July 1, 2023 @9:22 pm Reply

    Thanks for the update Lisa. I think it’s a brave move to let people in on your health issues and I hope others continue to support you and subscribe.
    I love baking too and there is always something in the cake box or tins. My hubby and son both have a sweet tooth.
    Sorry you have been suffering so badly. Sending you love and hugs.

  2. Catherine Jane Kestle July 1, 2023 @9:47 pm Reply

    Bless your heart, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles.
    I'm looking forward to receiving more of your lovely recipes.
    Catherine Jane

  3. Melissa Adams July 1, 2023 @9:53 pm Reply

    I am sending you gigantic support and well wishes. I am a person living with a disability as well (not the same one) and I do relate to much of what you shared, in my own life. The general similarities of dealing with health professionals that are sometimes less than helpful, life circumstances that make everything harder… etc.
    It is so much effort to even try, and takes so much more effort to do.
    Anyway, you know all that. I just wanted to send enthusiastic support and kind encouragement. Your pace will be just fine. Be gentle with yourself and trust yourself. You are the expert in You. Very best warm wishes. Melissa

    1. Lisa | Sweet 2 Eat Baking July 2, 2023 @6:29 pm Reply

      Thank you so much for your support and well wishes, Melissa. I completely agree with you that even the most basic tasks require a lot of energy. I'm sorry to hear that you face challenges with your healthcare professionals too. Unfortunately, navigating healthcare can be so difficult, but I do hope you are receiving proper treatment and support nowadays.

      I couldn't read but not respond to your kind comment. Very best wishes to you too.

  4. Theresa Krier July 2, 2023 @3:33 am Reply

    I am so sorry to hear about your debilitating journey, I will keep you in my prayers and tell you that it is so good to have you back among the food blogging.

  5. Wendy July 2, 2023 @8:58 am Reply

    Hello Lisa, I'm so glad you are a bit better and really look forward to seeing more of your lovely recipes, welcome back sweetheart xx

  6. Becca July 2, 2023 @9:56 am Reply

    Welcome back! My heart is with you and my hope is with the researchers who can find treatment and medication to help you life a long and happy life.

  7. Gillian Pidler July 4, 2023 @8:26 am Reply

    Hi Lisa, welcome back. As a mum and nan of 54 who has lived with RA for 30 years now, I feel your pain, literally. I hear your journey and understand totally why you've had to have that break. I also love to bake, I don't get as much time, or energy as I'd like to do it but when I do, it's bliss and thank goodness for my Kenwood mixer!!
    I look forward to the recipes and wish you continued luck with the new meds. Also my son in law has PA and I didn't know about the spinal involvement. I hope to God he never suffers with that. Thanks for sharing your journey and here's to onwards and upwards.
    Gilly x