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Looking to convert a recipe from cups to grams and vice versa? Our conversion calculator will convert between American cups (c), grams (g), ounces (oz), and millilitres (ml), depending on what your recipe calls for.

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Grams to Cups Conversions

Our conversion calculator makes measuring your ingredients easy and hassle free, and includes the most popular baking ingredients from butter, sugars, flour and much, much more.

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Take the guesswork out of converting recipes from imperial to metric, and easily convert American cups into grams, ounces, and millilitres.

Why should I measure my recipes by weight?

Measuring your ingredients by weight in grams or ounces ensures that your ingredient amounts are as accurate as can be, and turn out EXACTLY the way the recipe(s) intended.

For example, imagine you’re measuring 1 cup of nuts. You can fit more nuts in a cup if they’re finely chopped than whole nuts which can wildly vary by weight. If you measure by weight, then chop as needed, you will always have the perfect amount needed. 🙂

Cups » Grams » Ounces » Millilitres Conversions Calculator

NOTE: When converting from using cup measurements, please enter the correct decimal. For example, for ½ cup, enter 0.5. See the handy guide below.

Cups Amount to Enter
¼ cup 0.25
⅓ cup 0.3
½ cup 0.5
⅔ cup 0.6
¾ cup 0.75
1 cup 1

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  1. Sandy July 5, 2023 @3:38 pm Reply

    Hi there,
    Your conversion table is incredible. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into compiling it. How the Americans get anything to bake properly using cups, I will never understand LOL. Grams & MLS every time for me.

    thank you


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