The Sickies Are Attacking, Again.

Sadly I have nothing new to tantalise your visual tastebuds. I’m ill *boo/hiss* I’ve slept almost non-stop now for the past 3 days and have a fever. Seriously, I feel like I’m going to melt in my chair typing this. So, I’ll just describe myself as tasty ice cream. 🙂

Not sure what bug I have as I don’t have a sore throat, a cough or none of that jazz, just feeling really hot, sweaty and absolutely no energy to do anything what-so-ever. My poor fella has to put up with everything when I’ve been slumbering away like a baby. I’ve been so out of it that my mobile (cell) phone is right beside my head on my bedside drawers and people have been calling and I haven’t even heard it ringing despite it being about 6 inches from my head! Woah!

Easter & Spring Treat Ideas

Since I’ve nothing for you personally other than my germs (they say sharing is caring right?) I’m going to post some fantasticalness from some of the blogs I’m subscribed too. Forgive me for not adding too many as my bed is calling me again so I can sleep for another 173,585,3756,947 hours!

As you can probably tell, I picked everything spring like. I’m loving all the changes happening at the moment. I always imagine nice spring weather with flowers blossoming, flowers popping up to say ‘Hello’, that wonderful Spring smell, the birdies chirping and making their nests. Not forgetting lambs doing their ‘bambi hops’ around the fields in excitement. What do you like about Spring?

I could sit here all night picking out spring blog posts but I have to force myself back in bed now as I’m losing concentration and messing up my blog post HTML easily *hits head on desk*. Go check out the above posts and relish in their deliciousness.

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One Comment on “The Sickies Are Attacking, Again.”

  1. gobakeyourself March 27, 2012 @7:30 pm Reply

    Get better! That is an order! The kitchen needs you to work your magic :)
    But seriously my friend it sounds like you have for it bad - fake care of yourself,have some hot c
    And relax - you are so thoughtful to still post up a recipe round up!

    Choc Chip Uru